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By bringing unique services to our customers, we are able to differentiate ourselves from the competition. On this page, we'll list the additional services we offer.

Product Development

 You know your business like nobody else, you are aware of shortfalls in your industries products, you are aware of the likes and dislikes of your customers. At SI Machine we know fabrication, we are eager to sit down with you and hear your ideas on ways improve your product line so you can get "The Edge" on your competion, we strive to give you the Differential Advantage, that which sets you and your product apart from the others.  

 Pricing solutions may be overcome by alternate production methods such as sand or investment castings, small changes in quantity can offer dramatic savings at times or we may offer ways to bring additional value to your product and offset cost.

 A product may have excellent feedback from the industry, but is somewhat fragile, we may offer a better grade of material or a design change to stregnthen part. Many times this can be done with little to no effect on cost, you now have a product with greater value, The Edge.

 At times we may feel our Machining Capabilities are not the best solution for your needs, we may offer the services of our capable venders or steer you in the right direction.


 From inception, SI Machine has catered to the recreational marine market. Specializing in but not limited to underwater hardware such as:  Aquamet 22 Shafting, Cutless Bearings, Zinc Anodes, Struts, Wheels etc. Our marine clientele has grown to the commercial end of the business, e.g. Commercial Fisheries,  Marine Excursion Ships, Transportation Vessels and Shipping. Marine Supplies can also be provided by SI Machine, as are Distribers for several Marine Supply Warehouses.     

Machining Services we offer include:

* Contract Machining

* Milling


* Grinding

* Keyseating

* Tig / Mig / Arc Welding

* Plasma Cutting 


* CNC Turning

* CNC Milling 

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